Key Facts

Clear-up will Develop Sustainable Approaches to Management of the Indoor Environment, Optimised in Terms of Energy and Usability


The clear-up Approach:

clear-up will use sensors and intelligent control to provide an energy-optimized indoor
environment, where active and passive systems for

  • lighting,
  • ventilation and
  • temperature

are combined in one building. Day lighting and natural ventilation will work in conjunction with artificial systems.


The clear-up Key Facts:

  • Integration of a range of nano and micro technology-enabled components in a holistic system
  • Development of new building control strategies integrating active and passive elements
  • Simulation and modeling will be used along with economic and ecological analysis to address the business and resource aspects in a whole lifecycle approach
  • The comfort and motivation of the user will affect their behaviour, and is critical to successful implementation

Budget:    € 12 million
Funding:    € 8.3 million
Duration:    November 2008 – October 2012


Project Coordinator: Prof Dr Udo Weimar, University of Tübingen